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Leading Supplier of Reclaimed Timber

  • Parquet De Chantilly Panels

    Parquet De Chantilly Panels. Made with Hit and Miss Planed French Oak

  • Rustic Wall Cladding

    Rustic Wall Cladding in Brushed Old Surface French Oak

  • Colourful Wall Cladding

    Colourful Wall Cladding using Pine Flooring from Locomotive Repair Shop

  • Showroom Flooring Samples

    Various Flooring Samples in Showroom with Parquet of Versailles Panels in Old French Oak on Showroom Floor

  • Old Surface French Oak

    Old Surface French Oak in Plank Form

  • Planed French Oak

    Showroom Floor Planed French Oak

  • French Oak Floorboards

    Planed and Sanded French Oak

  • French Oak Floor

    Old Surface French Oak Floor

  • Georgian Wall Cladding

    Georgian Split Joist Wall Cladding

  • Floorboard Stock

    Stock of Various Timbers

  • Pine Floorboard Stock

    Ends of Victorian Pine Boards

  • Processed Orders

    Stock in Sawmill and Processed Orders

  • Arrival of Stock

    Stock Arrival at the Warehouse

  • Processing

    Processing and Denailing French Oak

  • Denailing

    Denailing Roof Boards

  • Stock

    Stock in warehouse

  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring

    Many different woods, which give you many different finishes

  • French Parquetry Flooring

    Beautiful Flooring for your Home

  • Commercial application of reclaimed wood

    One of the uses for our reclaimed wood.

Examples of Wood Flooring

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